Co-Working 101: The New Way to Network Together

The modern business world is more flexible and innovative than ever. This has led to an increase in not only new ways of doing work, but how people work together. Co-working spaces have created a new collaborative way of working. They also offer an affordable way for you to set up your office or business with workspaces that are not only highly versatile, but also highly productive.
Here is a brief overview of what co-working spaces are and the advantages they offer.

What Are Co-working Spaces?

Co-working spaces are shared work spaces. Unlike a traditional office, they are used by people in different professions, industries, and companies on a part-time, as needed basis. They are commonly used by people who don’t need traditional office space. For example, if you work mostly from home or are on the road a lot, a full-time office makes little sense. Sometimes, though, you do need office space and that’s where co-working spaces come in. The result is you have a lot of different people from different jobs all “working together” in the same space.

What Benefits Do They Provide?

The main benefits of co-working spaces are flexibility and community. Work-at-home jobs, telecommuting, small start-ups, one-person businesses, and the like still occasionally need office spaces for various reasons. With a shared space, you still have an office when you need one for in-person meetings or just a need to change your work environment without going to a noisy coffee shop. Plus, shared spaces allow for personal interaction and networking. Because the people who use shared spaces aren’t in direct competition or even co-workers at the same company, there are no office politics to get in the way. Talking to a variety of professionals from your local community can grow, expand, and enrich your business.

Who Should Use Co-working Spaces?

People in many different professions can make use of co-working spaces. If you run an at-home business, work from home, or freelance, co-working spaces could be a very practical addition to your work life. Aside from getting you out of the house, they also allow to separate your work and home lives a bit more and interact with people in a more personal setting. Shared workspaces allow you to interact more in the local work community and give more structure to your day-to-day tasks while still maintaining direct control over them. For example, if you only want to go to the office on certain days you can and you can also change the hours and days as needed.

Why Use Co-working Spaces?

The advantages offered by co-working spaces are many. Along with the above mentioned sociological and business advantages, co-working spaces are also economy and environmentally friendly. They are affordable to use and cut down on half empty, or barely inhabited office space. They are great for those in a profession that’s a bit outside the standard 9 to 5 office job, but who still want to be a part of the local work community.

GRID Collaborative Workspaces
Many co-working spaces, like GRID, are now quite advanced offering kitchens, specialized equipment such as a photography studio, event centers, and conferences rooms. If you’re looking for affordable office space with the amenities of a professional full-featured office click here for more information.