Reasons To Join A Coworking Facility In Kansas City

Coworking in Kansas City is booming, and it’s obvious why. The way freelancers work, the way startups are formed, and the way businesses engage with their communities, are all evolving with the times. Stodgy and grey real estate options simply aren’t mirroring what the market is screaming for. In 2017 a work environment needs to have as much personality as the people that dwell within it; and like those people, it also needs to be flexible, effective, and fun.

We at The GRID feel like we nail all the reasons why you should join a coworking facility – and we want to prove it! Click here to sign up for a free trial! What follows in this article are what we believe to be the most important reasons you should join a coworking facility. If at the end of your free trial, you don’t feel we’ve done our job at any of those reasons – we’ll part ways as friends having never cost you a dollar.

Coworking Entails Most Of The Advantages Of Working At A Big Company, With Much Less Of The Disadvantages

Let’s face it, working for a large company in cubicle farm has major disadvantages that we don’t need to list off. But the majority of the American workforce is still deployed in this fashion for a reason: it works. What works about it is the fact that having a set place to go everyday, with a set time, and a set team of comrades creates an environment where a cadence of work can be created.

But what does someone do who doesn’t have this option do? Like a freelancer, or an entrepreneur? Traditionally they’re exiled to their basement or spare bedroom, forced to create value alone. Not anymore; now a one-or-two-person company can join an alliance such as The GRID and get many of the benefits mentioned above. They have a set place to go everyday; they can create a daily schedule outside of their home; they can create friendships and working relationships with people that make their professional lives less lonely – and the list goes on.

Short-Term Memberships

The other people that choose to pass on working from home end up moving into some sort of a commercial space. And anyone that knows anything about this is painfully aware of how expensive this can be – in regards to both money and time. First, there’s the cost of renovations; then the costs of maintaining the facility (such as electrical or taxes); then the time-based costs of maintaining the facility (such as organizing it, paying bills, or cleaning it); then the costs of getting out of a lease when you grow out of it or need to move. But none of these things are issues at a coworking facility: no renovations necessary, no maintained costs, no time spent on facility management, and little-to-no long term commitment, making it possible to move out for free whenever it becomes necessary.

Entrepreneurial Collisions

You ever have one of those ideas that you can’t tell where on the spectrum of genius-to-idiotic it lands? You know you need to run it by someone, but based on your working situation there just isn’t anyone around to run it by? These types of things don’t happen in places like The GRID because there’s always someone around that has more than likely been through the same experience. And unlike a consultant or employee, they’re not going to charge you to pick their brain.

Lead Generation

The likelihood of you being in business means you are selling something, and a coworking facility has people in it that buy things. Especially from a B2B standpoint. And even if they’re not in the market for what you sell, the likelihood is high that people within their network are. Think about it…they’re mostly all entrepreneurs – and entrepreneurs are some of the most connected people in any given city.

A Focused Environment

As nice as it is to work from home occasionally, you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that there are a ton of distractions. Everything from the dog to the TV is screaming at you to stop working. A coworking facility is an amazing tool for putting you in a comfortable working environment that keeps you focused on getting stuff done. Sure you can still take an occasional break, drink a beer from one of our kegs, or play a quick game of shuffleboard – but at least you’re not gonna end up binge watching Netflix or playing video games.

A Great Place To Bring Clients

Bringing a client to your basement or boring corporate suite isn’t going to close as many leads, or keep as many clients, as you would if you dwelled in an awesome coworking facility in Kansas City. When they arrive it immediately sets the precedent for how the meeting will go: they’ll have access to beer/wine/coffee/water, they can wait in any number of comfortable and fun spots, and then go with you to privately chat in any number of inspiring nooks.

Flexible Growth Opportunities

Places like the GRID can accommodate anything from one person to tens of people. So as you grow, don’t worry about breaking down walls, moving facilities, or signing new leases. Just take advantage of bigger and better coworking packages. We have more than a handful of teams that utilize creative structures for making sure their entire team’s accommodations are taken care of as they grow.

Quality Relationships VS Quantity Of Relationships

Yes, it pays to know a lot of people. But think back to the most amazing things that have happened to you in your life so far. Did those things happen from knowing a ton of people, or knowing certain people REALLY well? We’d venture to say it was the latter. That’s the best part about our family here at the GRID – you’ll get to slowly but surely move your relationship forward with whatever people in our facility you want, at your pace. But unlike working from home and then attending networking events to augment your rolodex, you’ll be going into the same central location as the same cohort of other professionals. A coworking facility ensures you’ll be building better relationships with the same people versus building piss/poor relationships with lots of people.

Free Amenities

Going to Starbucks six days a week and getting an average priced coffee and an averaged priced snack is more expensive than a membership at a coworking facility…but our coffee is free! And as delicious as Starbucks is, The Roasterie is better – and that’s what we serve. And coffee isn’t where we end our amenities list. We have perks that range from event space to virtual offices.

Alright, you get the point! Coworking in Kansas City is awesome! But we want to put our money where our mouth is: click here to sign up for a free trial at The GRID so we can prove to you that you should join our alliance.