Triple Your Productivity With These 5 Tips

If you are like many self-employed freelancers, sitting at home all day can become tedious and monotonous when you are trying to focus on getting work done. Plus there are tons of distractions around the house that can eat up your time and keep you from making the money you really deserve.
Here are some ways for freelancers to improve their productivity and get real results.

Disconnect For a While

Among successful CEOs and freelancers, one of the most common tips for improving productivity is cutting out distractions in the form of social media, news sites and other internet time wasters. Disconnecting yourself from all of these distractions for just an hour or two a day can provide you with focused time to get your most important tasks done quickly. Scheduling this time into your day intentionally also improves your chances of sticking to the routine because you can block it off on your calendar the same way you would an important meeting. There are also a number of productivity improving apps that allow you to set a timer for yourself, and keep you from using your phone for social media and other unnecessary time wasting during the time the app is active.

Take Regular Breaks

One problem that many freelancers face once they are out of the office work environment and on their own is not making enough time for regular exercise and stretching. Start your day off by spending one or two hours getting the most important tasks done first. Then allow yourself the leisure of a coffee break to stretch and relax before getting back to work. Set aside time during the day to exercise as it will help you to improve your focus during working hours and reduce stress and anxiety.

Change Up Your Routine

If you are running low on motivation and inspiration while you are sitting at home or taking up space at the local coffee shop day in and day out, it may be time for a change of pace. Consider working from a local park bench, library or even a collaborative workspace like GRID. Just doing something out of the ordinary once or twice a month can help you improve your creative mood and keep from getting burnt out.

Choose Clients Wisely

As a freelancer, your time is valued at exactly the rate that you set for yourself. Unfortunately, not all clients or projects are created equal. If you are expanding your reach and adding new clients over time, you will eventually be faced with the reality that some clients are eating up too much of your time, or that they are unable to pay fair rates for the work that you are providing. You can increase your earnings drastically by negotiating for pay that truly reflects the value of your time, and keeping yourself from getting bogged down by projects that will never grow into profitable relationships in the future. Sometimes, it’s okay to fire a client and move on if they are not contributing to your long-term success.

GRID Collaborative Workspaces
There are many ways for freelancers to improve their productivity by cutting out distractions, keeping themselves energized and engaged, and focusing on the projects that matter most. Getting out of the house to stretch, exercise and network in collaborative spaces has a huge impact on your ability to stay on track over time.
GRID, located in Overland Park, Kansas provides a unique collaborative workspace where you can reserve a desk or mingle with other freelancers in an environment that is highly conducive to creativity, comfort and productivity.